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Mayhem Network proudly presents the new server of Mu HONOR. [/SIZE]
[SIZE="3"]We have opened at 11th of august 2009. With our 3 years of experience running
Mu Servers we have opened one perfect just for you.[/SIZE]

Start your journey with us now [url][SIZE="3"][/SIZE][/url]

[SIZE="3"]* Server Homepage :
* Server Register :
* Download Center : [/SIZE]

Jaunums! H3smp4a9lxh0kdd52j_thumb

[color:743a="DarkRed"][SIZE="3"]SERVER STATS[/SIZE]
[SIZE="3"]Exp : [color:743a="DarkRed"]280x
Drops : [color:743a="DarkRed"]50%
Mobs HP : [color:743a="DarkRed"]100%
Shops: [color:743a="DarkRed"]+7 start items

Max Lv : [color:743a="DarkRed"]1000
1st from 350 lvl;
2nd from 380 lvl;
3rd+ from 400 lvl;

Bless Bug : [color:743a="DarkRed"]OFF
Auto Reset : [color:743a="DarkRed"]OFF[/SIZE]

You can reset your character lvl, stats, add stats in our website , just kindly login

[color:743a="DarkRed"]GM/MM EVENTs- Every 1 hour or less
Good support by our administrator team
-Hide & Seek
-Dinorant Race
-Drop Event
-and many more !

[color:743a="DarkRed"][SIZE="3"]SPECIAL EVENTS[/SIZE]
Golden Invasion- Every hour !
White Wizard Attack - Every hour !
Blood Castle - [color:743a="Green"]WORKING !
Devil Square - [color:743a="green"]WORKING !
Chaos Castle - [color:743a="green"]WORKING !
Illusion Temple - [color:743a="green"]WORKING !
Sky Event - [color:743a="green"]WORKING !
Hit and Up event - [color:743a="green"]WORKING !
Kantru event - [color:743a="green"]WORKING !
Crywolf event - [color:743a="green"]WORKING !
Castle Siege event - [color:743a="green"]WORKING !

/post - WORKING
/pkclear - disabled
[color:743a="DarkRed"]Add stat in game
/addstr 1000
/addagi 1000
/addvit 1000
/addene 1000
/addcom 1000- only for DARKLORD !!!

[color:743a="DarkRed"]Super Bosses -drop Season good Wings or New Items
Many Other Bosses that gives a challenges to defeat when you are strong enough!

[color:743a="DarkRed"][SIZE="3"]Custom Features:[/SIZE]
Mu Honor set
Honor blade and sword
Custom Events

Jaunums! A109riav4i4hgz4u99e

[SIZE="3"][color:743a="DarkRed"]FRIENDLY & ACTIVE MM always will be there to help

Bring you Challenging and Excitment !
Start your journey with us now at

We just want all people to enjoy your gaming experience with us now!
Feel free to Join us with your friends/family now

We promise you, you will enjoy yourself here ,[/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"][color:743a="DarkRed"]Some Screenshot[/SIZE]
Jaunums! Ivbqlz3wwtfpz2h97lbc

[SIZE="3"][color:743a="DarkRed"]You're welcome.[/SIZE]
We have opened server. With new opening we have started very new beginning of Mu Honor. We proudly present the newest season 4 server with 3D mode and playsafe. With our 3 years experience of running and developing our server we have made high quality gameplay for all races, no mather if you're an elf, wizard or dark lord, you have the same opportunities as everyone else. We have been working for new events, made new fixes and worked hard to present this work of art - Mu Honor. We can't guarantee full bug-free game, but we have done all that You shouldn't get worried about gameplay. We belive that together we can make this server better, so be free of asking administration about problems, reporting bugs, and giving advices. We are opened for talks.
Play and get Honored,

Best regards, Mu Honor Team.

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